Chapter History
The Sixth of June, 1900, was an exciting day for East Haddam, Connecticut. On the river, every tugboat and steamboat whistled, bands blared forth; and when a special train arrived in Hartford containing ex-governors and the Governor's Foot Guard, the people cheered. The New York Sons of the American Revolution were presenting to the Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution the deeds to the East Haddam Nathan Hale Schoolhouse. Mr. Morgan G. Bulkeley, president of the Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution, stated in his acceptance speech, "I have, on behalf of the Sons, tendered to the Daughters of the American Revolution, who have this day organized a chapter in this town and vicinity, the use of this building and grounds."

The first meeting was held in the schoolhouse for the formation of the Nathan Hale Memorial Chapter of the DAR. During the Chapter's first years, their primary concerns were to honor native son, Major General Joseph Spencer, to reclaim the Old Cove Burying Ground and to locate and mark the graves of Revolutionary soldiers. The bodies of Major General Spencer and his wife were eventually removed from their untended graves in Millington to the Nathan Hale Park, where an impressive monument now stands.

In 1907, in order to honor war veterans, Mary V. Wakeman found graves of 734 Revolutionary War veterans. From the original four meetings a year, by 1925, the original four meetings a year were increased to nine meetings a year.

From 1937 to 1962, most chapter meetings were held in the Community Room of the Rathbun Free Memorial Library, East Haddam. The chapter is grateful to have space there today in the Library in which to store our irreplaceable logs and other memorabilia.

As the magnitude of the National Society of the Daughters of The American Revolution expanded, the work of chapters increased. For the past 30 years, as many as 26 committees have been listed in our annual Yearbook. Every year, contributions of money and goods are sent to DAR schools, volunteer service projects are done for veterans, scholarships are awarded and patriotism, historical preservation, and education are the key focus of our chapter.

An excerpt from Elizabeth Sangster, Past Chapter Historian and Honorary Past Regent, "A Brief History of the Nathan Hale Memorial Chapter, NSDAR" (In Memoriam - 2006)